Pretreat – Adhesive Penetrant For Wood



Insure the success of your Encore deck project with Pretreat, an adhesive primer that is designed specifically for Encore! Pretreat penetrates deep into old, dry decking and creates a sub-surface bond for the Encore coating. This sub-surface bond creates unbelievable adhesive properties to help insure a lasting job. In most cases, Pretreat also extends the coverage of an Encore kit, helping to offset its cost!

Coverage: Approx. 200 square feet.

Pretreat was designed especially for the Encore Wood Coating and is recommended on all wood surfaces that are over 12 months old.

Pretreat is a water-thin blend of proprietary micro-resins that is sprayed through a conventional pump up sprayer onto wood decks. Decks that are treated with Pretreat prior to being coated with Encore will last longer because Pretreat helps to fix the dimensional stability of the wood. Expansion and contraction is what causes wood to deteoriate. Fix the dimensional stability, and both the structure and the coating will last longer.

Pretreat penetrates into the cellulose fibers of the wood and literally glues the fibers together. Pretreat dries quickly and leaves behind a clear film that has molecular chain extensions that cross-link to the Encore coating. Pretreat’s ability to cross-link with Encore creates a single coating that protects your wood deck.

Because of its effect and affordability, Pretreat is recommended on all deck projects using Encore Composite Coating for Wood. Pretreat is highly recommended for wood that has not been adequately maintained and is exhibiting signs of checking or splitting. Pretreat is available in 1 gallon quantities.

Empty Pretreat container into pump-up garden sprayer. (Pretreat may also be brushed or rolled.) Apply liberally to dry wood. Allow Pretreat to penetrate into the surface. Apply Encore coating while Pretreat is still wet. Clean tools thoroughly after use.


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