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Key Features of EPOX-Z Epoxy Floor Coatings

Below listed are some of the key features of the EPOX-Z Epoxy Floor Coatings. These features are what makes the EPOX-Z Line the absolute best and what makes it stand apart from the others.

– 100% SOLIDS (No Material Waste)
– No Annoying Material Odor (No Inconvenience to Customer)
– No Special Physical Protection Equipment Required for Workers
– Provides Efficient Installations for Lower Labor Costs (Time)
– Predictable Working Times (Pot Life / Open Time)
– Consistency of Color Formulation (100% Manufacturing Reliability)
– Best Color Selection (Unlimited)
– Best Color Depth and Coverage (Single Coat)
– Best Cured Flexibility in Marketplace (Elongation)
– Best Visual Installed Result (Smooth, Consistent, High Gloss)
– Detailed Product Mixing and Application Procedures
– Color Kits Provide Fail Safe Mixing
– Clear Kits Provide Variable Quantity Applications
– Top Tier Product Packaging
– Same Day Shipping with Tracking Information
– Expert Technical Advise
– Environmentally Responsible