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Key Features of EPOX-Z Epoxy Floor Coatings

Below listed are some of the key features of the EPOX-Z Epoxy Floor Coatings. These features are what makes the EPOX-Z Line the absolute best and what makes it stand apart from the others.

– 100% SOLIDS (No Material Waste)
– No Annoying Material Odor (No Inconvenience to Customer)
– No Special Physical Protection Equipment Required for Workers
– Provides Efficient Installations for Lower Labor Costs (Time)
– Predictable Working Times (Pot Life / Open Time)
– Consistency of Color Formulation (100% Manufacturing Reliability)
– Best Color Selection (Unlimited)
– Best Color Depth and Coverage (Single Coat)
– Best Cured Flexibility in Marketplace (Elongation)
– Best Visual Installed Result (Smooth, Consistent, High Gloss)
– Detailed Product Mixing and Application Procedures
– Color Kits Provide Fail Safe Mixing
– Clear Kits Provide Variable Quantity Applications
– Top Tier Product Packaging
– Same Day Shipping with Tracking Information
– Expert Technical Advise
– Environmentally Responsible

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EPOX-Z High Performance Floor Coatings Cost Analysis

When considering Epoxy Floor Coatings, Garage Floor Coating or Garage Floor Coatings and Floor Coatings; you need only turn to ADC for EPOX-Z High Performance 100% Solids, ZERO VOC Floor Coatings.

Protective Floor Coatings come in a wide range of formulations, prices and performance features. Too often, attention is focused solely on keeping initial product costs low. Are facility managers really saving money when they select paints or coatings based on first costs? What is the long-term implication of a lower-quality product being applied?

Are premium floor coatings worth the extra money? What benefits do they provide? If you simply look at price per gallon, premium floor coatings often seem more expensive. Price per gallon, however, does not tell the whole story. You can only determine true costs, by calculating coating costs, per unit. Once this calculation is completed, you can make a more informed decision in purchasing a high performance coating product.

Conventional liquid floor coatings include both volatile and solid components. When the coating is applied, the volatile components evaporate and the solids are left behind on the surface. The cost of that solid fraction is what you need to figure to accurately compare the costs of floor coating products. The cost of the solid fraction can be calculated from information provided in the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Product Data Sheet (PDS); both are available from the manufacturer. The paint’s total per-gallon cost is divided by the solids percentage to obtain the cost per gallon of solids.

Example: If a protective floor coating costs $70 per gallon and contains 67 percent solids, you would divide 70 by .67. 70 divided by .67 = $104.47, the cost per gallon of the paint solids. If another protective coating costs $90.00 per gallon and contains 100 per cent solids using the above formula divide 90 by 100.00 = $90.00, the cost per gallon of the paint solids.

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ADCLLC and EPOX-Z Seamless Floor Coatings

EPOX-Z Seamless Floor Coatings

Low Maintenance floor coatings are protective coatings for interior concrete surfaces. The ability to effectively seal the concrete and allow the floor to be put back into service as quickly as possible, are the main objectives of any floor coating.

EPOX-Z’s fast cure formula is the ideal solution for protection of concrete floors.  Its ability to develop a full cure within six hours and allow the floor to be placed back in service in eight hours, significantly reduces down time.

EPOX-Z Epoxy Floor Coating is a 100% Solids, Zero VOC, solvent-less coating which overcomes the noted disadvantages of other floor coatings.  Traditional coatings must allow water or solvent to evaporate in order for the coating to dry. This drying process produces stress on the coating and can lead to curling or cracking at the edges or over seams.

EPOX-Z’s Epoxy Floor Coatings proprietary formulation produces a true chemical cure. This eliminates shrinkage and promotes superior adhesion over the floor surface while retaining the flexibility needed during use.

EPOX-Z’s Key Features:

  • Surface tolerant and self priming, allowing single-coat application
  • Less coating losses due to over spray
  • No coating volume losses due to solvent or water evaporation
  • Zero VOC’s; therefore, no special VOC containment equipment required
  • High-build characteristics reduce labor time required for installation
  • Chemical and moisture resistant
  • No special spray or heating equipment needed
  • Highly effective Garage Floor Coating
  • Costeffective
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Welcome to ADCLLC

Welcome to Advanced Design Coatings.

We offer a wide range of products and services to meet your Floor Coating and Epoxy Needs.

ADCLLC Proudly servers the greater Atlanta area. We offer many on-site services and will be happy to provide a free estimate. Please use our CONTACT FORM to get in touch.

We now offer EPOX-Z brand and specialize in the following:

Zero VOC Paints and Coatings
Zero VOC Industrial Paint and Coatings
Zero VOC Maintenance Coatings
Environmentally Friendly Paints and Coatings
Zero VOC Concrete Coatings
Zero VOC Floor Coatings
Solventless Paints and Coatings
Zero VOC High Performance Paints and Coatings
You can view our full EPOX-Z line of products by clicking HERE.

Advanced Design Coatings also offers the following:


Floor Coatings

Seamless Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Urethane Coatings

Urethane Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings

Basement Floor Coatings

Pool Deck Coating

Wood Deck Coating

Metal Roof Coating

Concrete Repair

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Staining

Concrete Coating

Wood Deck Repair

Wood Deck Restoration

Pool Deck Repair

Pool Deck Restoration

Commercial Coatings

Commercial Floor Coatings

Industrial Coatings

Industrial Floor Coatings

Residential Coatings

Residential Floor Coatings

You can also view or additional Encore product line by clicking HERE.