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EPOX-Z Seamless Floor Coatings

Maintenance floor coatings are protective coatings for interior concrete surfaces. The ability to effectively seal the concrete and allow the floor to be put back into service as quickly as possible, are the main objectives of any floor coating.


fast cure formula is the ideal solution for protection of concrete floors. It’s ability to develop a full cure within six hours and allow the floor to be placed back in service in eight hours, significantly reduces down time.


is a 100% solids, solvent-less coating which overcomes the noted disadvantages of other floor coatings. Traditional coatings must allow water or solvent to evaporate in order for the coating to dry. This drying process produces stress on the coating and can lead to curling or cracking at the edges or over seams.


proprietary formulation produces a true chemical cure. This eliminates shrinkage and promotes superior adhesion over the floor surface while retaining the flexibility needed during use.

EPOX-Z’s Key Features:

• Surface tolerant and self priming, allowing single-coat application
• Less coating losses due to over spray
• No coating volume losses due to solvent or water evaporation
• Zero VOC’s; therefore, no special VOC containment equipment required
• High-build characteristics reduce labor time required for installation
• Chemical and moisture resistant
• No special spray or heating equipment needed
• Cost effective



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Epox-Z Mastic Kit

1 Gallon Epox-Z Mastic Kit, 2 Gallon Epox-Z Mastic Kit


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