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Refresh is the perfect option to restoring your wood or concrete surface! Refresh fills in cracks and locks down dangerous splinters, insuring that your surface is safe for you and your family.

Refresh is a mid-to-upper grade resurfacer that outperforms those found in the big-box stores! Refresh applies easy and looks and feels great. Refresh has a dry & recoat time that is 8 times faster than the “next-best” option, insuring that your day is spent enjoying your deck – not working on it.

Tired of walking on a hot surface? Refresh’s unique chemistry and synthetic slip-resistant additives insures that your deck will stay cooler on hot summer days.

Refresh also minimizes future maintenance and is backed by a 5-year residential and commercial warranty! The details.

Refresh Kit – 1.5 gallons of coating ships in 3 gallon pail.

Add one gallon of semi-gloss acrylic paint to kit, mix, and apply. Note that Refresh has a slight grey color and will add a slight gray tint to colors that are lighter than light gray. Other colors are unaffected. For maximum heat abating properties, always choose a lighter pastel color.

Completed Coverage per Kit: One coat will cover up to 300 square feet. Two coats are required. So, one kit will complete up to 150 square feet.

Budgeting for Your Project: Add a $25 gallon of paint to the $81 Refresh kit and you will spend $106 (tax & freight vary and are not included herein). With an average coverage of 150 square feet, that’s only $.70/square foot! Big box brands average $.75-.85/square foot (or more) and can’t match Refresh’s performance!

Dry & Recoat Time: Refresh has the best dry & recoat time among mid-grade resurfacers – 30 minutes or less! This means you’ll spend more time enjoying your outdoor area instead of maintaining it.

* Coverage is dependent on condition of the substrate as well as the application method/technique.

Do You Wish Your Deck Had a Refresh Button?
“Hitting the Refresh button on your deck” has never been easier! When it comes to deck restoration, Refresh is the perfect option. Refresh is a convenient solution for old, worn wood decks and concrete surfaces, but that’s where the similarities end.

Refresh has a cultured finish that is easy to clean and maintain. It’s textured feel is comfortable on bare feet, while still creating the texture needed to provide a safe, skid-resistant surface. It’s also stain-resistant! So resurface your wood deck and restore it! Refresh leads the mid-grade resurfacing category with a 5-year residential and commercial warranty.

Stays Cooler on Hot Summer Days!
While other brands struggle with heat build-up, Refresh’s unique formulation stays cooler on hot summer days (even on composite decking). Apply Refresh and your bare feet will thank you! Note: For maximum cooling on concrete, consider Cool.

Easy to Apply.
Note: Only apply Refresh to a properly cleaned and prepared surface. For your convenience, Encore’s FAQ page has many tips on how to clean and prep your surface for a coating.

Mix one gallon of acrylic paint into the contents of the Refresh Kit (the kit is large enough to accept the gallon of paint).

Tape off and protect areas that you don’t want to accidentally coat.

Apply Refresh with ordinary paint equipment. Encore recommends a 1/2″ – 3/4″ nap roller. However, Refresh is easily sprayed, brushed, or rolled.

Best-in-Class Dry & Recoat time.
At 30 minutes or less between recoat times, Refresh lets you finish your job faster and get back to the thing that matters – enjoying your deck!


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