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The Efficient, Durable Alternative to Coal Tar Epoxy and Other Rust Coatings.

RustOx is a tough, durable, direct-to-rust coating that suffocates rust and prevents rust bleed-through. Requires minimum prep. Simply remove loose rust scale or loose coating, and wipe with MEK before painting. RustOx dries quickly and provides years of protection against further degradation. Approved for inland and salt-water environments. Great for steel, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces.

Conveniently packaged in a 2.5 gallon pail. Add one quart of paint for color. Coverage: 180 sq.ft. – 1 coat. Coats required: 2. Also available in 5 gallon pail.

A Water-Based System that Replaces Coal Tar Epoxy.
RustOx is a tough, durable, DTR (direct-to-rust), DTM (direct-to-metal coating). When applied, RustOx suffocates surface rust and prevents rust bleed-through. RustOx dries quickly and provides years of protection against further degradation. RustOx is a single-component, water-based formulation. It can be applied on-site or at an off-site coating facility, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions available.

RustOx has been thoroughly tested both in the lab and in the field. RustOx has shown superior results in harsh, salt-water conditions. As a result, RustOx can be used to protect both inland and marine structures from the environment. To replicate test results, always use KnockOut, Encore’s Rust Converter & Primer in salt-water environments or submerged conditions.

RustOx is unlike any other corrosion coating on the market.

1. Water-based.
2. Zero to extremely low VOC content.
3. Environmentally-friendly.
4. Does not require sand blasting.
5. Does not require priming.
6. Applies in minutes. (Can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed.)
7. Post-construction repair is simple.
8. Cleanup with water.
9. Outstanding performance in both field and lab testing.
10. Tints to any color by adding acrylic paint.
11. Most cost effective coating available. About $1/square foot.

On rusted surfaces, RustOx requires no priming. Simply remove loose rust scale, wipe with a solvent such as MEK, then apply two coats of RustOx with ordinary paint equipment. A primer coat is recommended on bare metal surfaces. Contact Encore for information on KnockOut, Encore’s Rust Converter & Primer.

RustOx can be used to protect an infinite number of metal structures against rust. From highway infrastructure projects to marine applications, you can rely on RustOx. RustOx’s unique formula suffocates surface rust and prevents it from bleeding through the coating. RustOx is the answer for engineers and specifiers that don’t have the time or resources to blast steel to a white profile or to prime.

RustOx is available in multiple sizes. RustOx tints to virtually any color when you add acrylic paint (1 quart or 1 gallon depending on size) in your color choice. Please note: RustOx’s formulation may effect the final color by adding a light grey tint. For example, a white paint will produce a very light grey as depicted in the above right picture. RustOx imparts a slightly textured finish to hide blemishes left on surfaces by rust.

Estimated coverage per gallon: 2 coats – 40-45 square feet; 1 coat – 80-90 square feet. Two coats required (20-24 mils).


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